POC EID Implementation Approaches English

Expanding access to POC early infant diagnosis: Implementation approaches and testing strategies

Point of Care: Early Infant Diagnosis Saves Lives

Uganda leads in HIV testing and treatment innovations for children

In 2017, UNAIDS estimated 3,300 children under the age of 15 years died from AIDS-related causes in Cameroon. A key challenge is diagnosing and treating…

Integrated Testing for TB and HIV in Zimbabwe Brief

This brief summarizes lessons learned from Zimbabwe’s pilot implementation of integrated or multi-disease testing. Partnerships in the country focused on leveraging…

Accelerating Access to POC VL Testing Brief

This brief highlights the current scenario of policies and programmes related to point-of-care viral load testing among pregnant and breastfeeding women living with…

POc toolkit


POC EID Training Package


This training package provides materials to guide onsite training for the…

qualiy cover


Quality Assurance


A strong quality assurance (QA) system is critical for ensuring the accuracy and precision…

qualiy cover


Quality Assurance Costing Tool


This excel-based tool is designed to help countries model the cost of a…

forecast cover


Forecasting and Supply Planning


This guidance note explains how to use a mix of forecasting approaches that…

post market


Post-Market Surveillance


Site Monitoring


Site Monitoring Guidance and Checklists for POC EID


Regular monitoring of sites is crucial for ensuring the…