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Document Download Description Year
Strengthening Adolescent Strategic Information: Revising Tools/Systems for Disaggregation All In ESA - Case Study 1 - Kenya 2017.pdf

This case study is part of the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) ALL IN Initiative on Kenya's revision of tools/systems for disaggregation to stren

sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV Cover Guideline on sexual and reproductive health of women living with HIV.pdf

Adolescent Participation - Mozambique All In ESA - Blog Mozambique 2017.pdf

This article is part of the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) ALL IN Blog Series on catalyzing adolescent participation around HIV in Mozambique. 

Clinic-Community Collaboration Toolkit: Working together to improve PMTCT and paediatric HIV treatment, care and support. C3-Tookit_WEB.compressed.pdf

The Western and Central Africa catch-up plan: putting HIV treatment on the fast-track by 2018 WCA Catch Up plan_English version.pdf 2017
Point of Care - HIV Diagnosis: Bringing Faster Results for Each and More Effective Treatment POC Bringing Faster Results.pdf

Accelerating Access and Integration of Innovative Point of Care Diagnostics for HIV in National Diagnostics Programmes

Fact Sheet: 2017 Children and AIDS unicef_FactSheet_English_Final.pdf 2017
Fiche d'information: 2017 Les enfants et le sida unicef_FactSheet_French_Final.pdf 2017
Intervention mondiale 2017-2021 de l'UNICEF contre le VIH unicef_HIV_brochure_French_Final.pdf 2017
BRIEF: UNICEF's Global HIV Response unicef_HIV_brochure_English_Final.pdf 2017
ICASA Flyer cover UNICEF ICASA Flyer .pdf 2017
Report cover Count_Me_In.pdf

A documentation of case studies from Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam on Young Key Population involvement in the Global Fund processes

Report cover UNICEF Vision to address the global HIV epidemic (2017)

UNICEF has long been at the heart of global efforts to put the HIV epidemic into an irreversible and rapid retreat.

Global Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents (AA-HA!) Global accelerated action for the health of adolescents (AA-HA!).pdf

WHO launched in May the long-awaited Global Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents (AA-HA!): Guidance to Support Country Implementation.

Good Practice Guide – Adolescent HIV Programming Adolescent HIV Programming.pdf

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance published in May 2017 a good practice guide on Adolescent HIV programming.

The importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights to prevent HIV in AGYW in ESA WHO’s Evidence Brief.pdf

This WHO’s Evidence Brief highlights some of the key points of discussion during the ESA regional consultation on HIV prevention and sexual and rep

cover of HIV Viral Load and Early HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis Selection and Procurement Information Tool 2017
When Women Lead, Change Happens: Women advancing the end of AIDS (2017) When Women Lead, Change Happens (2017)

More women are accessing antiretroviral therapy than men, transferring the benefits of their good health to their families and economies.

Image of Best Practices for Adolescent- and Youth-Friendly HIV Services in PEPFAR-Supported Countries Best Practices for Adolescent- and Youth-Friendly HIV Services in PEPFAR-Supported Countries (2017) 2017
Emtct cover Global guidance on criteria and processes for validation of EMTCT.pdf

In developing this revised document, WHO and the GVAC considered the input of national programmes, regional validation teams and committees, and ex