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Quality Assurance Costing Tool image Quality Assurance Costing Tool.xlsx

This excel-based tool is designed to help countries model the cost of a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) program.

Site Monitoring Site Monitoring Guidance , Hub Testing Site - POC-EID.pdf , Spoke Site - POC-EID.pdf , Stand Alone Testing Site - POC-EID.pdf

Regular monitoring of POC EID implementation sites is cr

Post-Market Surveillance

Post-market surveillance aims to ensure that IVDs continue to meet the same quality, safety and performance requirements as wh

EGPAF, Infants, UNICEF, 2018, POC, Brief
competency Assessment Guide Guidanceon Competency Assessments for POC EID Testing , Form_Abbott-mPIMA_POC , Form_Cepheid-Xpert-HIV-1-qual_POC-EID

Regular assessments of the competency of POC EID device operators are crucial for ensuring the quality of the testing procedure at an individual level, and can also serve as a key component of a PO

EGPAF, Infants, Testing, UNICEF, 2018, POC, Guidelines and Strategic Plans, Tool/job aid
Paediatric Service Delivery Consultation Brief Paediatric Service Delivery Consultation - Advocacy Brief

In June 2019, UNICEF convened a group of about 40 global experts from 24 organizations and institutions to advance the collective thinking on paediatric HIV service delivery.

Adolescent friendly services, Adolescents, Children, Global, Health systems strengthening, Infants, Integration, Partner, Policy/Enabling Environment, UNICEF, 2019, Paediatric and Adolescent Treatment, Brief
3 frees report Three Frees Partner Events at IAS2019

The 10th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science will be hosted in Mexico City, Mexico, on 21-24 July 2019.

UNICEF, 2019, Meeting report
Integrated EID-VL Product and Site Selection Analysis Tool - Dummy Data Integrated EID-VL Product and Site Selection Analysis Tool - Dummy Data 2015
cover of HIV Viral Load and Early HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis Selection and Procurement Information Tool 2017
Chai Cover CHAI Site Selection Tool Guidance CHAI, Global, 2018, Tool/job aid
Research Summary - Q1 2019 Newsletter Research Summary - Q1 2019 Newsletter Adolescent Girls and Young Women Learning Collaborative, PMTCT, 2019, Paediatric and Adolescent Treatment, Adolescent Prevention