2015 Statistical Update


What we know on Children, Adolescents and AIDS

Children and AIDS

At the turn of the century, and the beginning of the Millennium Development Goals, an HIV diagnosis was equivalent to a death sentence for most children and their families in low income countries. But now, an early diagnosis paired with treatment and care can ensure long healthy lives, regardless of location, and helps prevent transmission of HIV to others.



New Infections Averted

Among Children (0-14)

since 2000


Children (0-14)

Living with HIV

in 2014


Adolescents (10-19)

Living with HIV

in 2014

The lives of mothers and children have been saved

Today a majority of pregnant women living with HIV in low- and middle-income countries are receiving treatment to remain healthy and to prevent HIV transmission to their babies – averting 1.3 million new infections among children since 2000.

We are closer than ever to eliminating HIV infections among babies

3 in 5

In 2014, 3 in 5 pregnant women living with HIV received treatment to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

As impressive as progress has been, it is not universal.

25 Children (0–14)

still acquire HIV every hour.

Situation Among Adolescents

AIDS is the number cause of death among adolescents in Africa

Adolescent deaths have tripled since 2000

The majority of these deaths are among adolescents who acquired HIV as babies and survived to their teenage years, either without knowing their HIV status or having slipped out of care

Children are becoming adolescents without the testing, treatment and care they need.

About half of adolescents (15-19) living with HIV are in just six countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Mozambique and Tanzania

Prevention can be life-saving

The majority of adolescents, especially those most at risk of new infection, including girls, young men who have sex with men, those who are transgender, inject drugs and are sexually exploited, lack access to proven prevention interventions.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 7 in 10 new infections in 15-19 year olds are among girls

70 percent of girls with multiple sexual partners in the last year did not use a condom the last time they had sex

Almost 40% of new infections among adolescents occurred outside sub-Saharan Africa. Check out the regional data in:

Read the report on Adolescents under the Radar in the Asia-Pacific AIDS Response here.

Graphic showing knowledge levels amongst adolescents

HIV & AIDS affects children everywhere.