Siyanda Mohutsiwa, a young Botswana-based writer, talks to young African activists about HIV and AIDS, and finds new challenges and fresh hope.

Meet a grandmother in rural Lesotho, who will tell you all about the One Stop Shop initiative that enables citizens to ‘drop in’ on a day-to-day basis to receive a range of health services.

Discover how Early Childhood Development programs help children, parents and communities learn and grow during the crucial first years of life.

Meet Bizwick, a community health worker in Malawi who works around the clock to prevent new HIV infections in women and their families, and to keep those living with HIV on treatment.

Find out how a telemedicine project is using video conferencing to bring specialized care to children and families in Maharashtra, India.

Learn how a program led by the Catholic Relief Service is helping vulnerable children and the people who care for them by strengthening government health systems and civil society organizations so they can provide better care.

In Lesotho, a mobile clinic is providing free health services for female factory workers, offering antenatal check-ups and family planning supplies, as well HIV counselling, testing and treatment.

In Zimbabwe, Africaid has been providing community-based interventions that are tailor-made to address prevention, treatment, care and support for children, adolescents and young people living with HIV.

When crises strike, making sure services to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS continue is crucial. Watch this short video about risk informed programming to learn how we can make communities more resilient.

Telemedicine can change the lives of children and adolescents who live with HIV by making health care more accessible to rural communities. In India, video conferencing is helping to provide specialized care.