Prioritizing segments for programming intervention

Meet the Divine Divas: Four inspirational characters designed to capture girls’ attention and aspirations

A key to the Diva Centre’s success lies in the Divine Divas themselves. Our team devised a quartet of aspirational characters, each one represents a different type of contraception. Supergirl uses the IUD, Ms. Ambition picks the implant, and condoms are the perfect choice for the Everygirl. By leading with a vision of who girls want to be, not scary side effects (girls commonly hear that condoms give you cancer and the pill makes you infertile), the Divine Divas help teens imagine themselves using contraception, and achieve, their futures.

Risk Assessment Tools and the Identification of Individuals at High Risk of HIV infection in the Delivery of Oral PrEP

With the aim to understand more about the relative strengths and weaknesses of current tools and approaches being used for risk assessment within oral PrEP studies and implementation, and to make recommendations about their use within the context of rollout, this analysis aimed to answer the following questions: 1) What risk assessment tools and processes are used in the delivery of oral PrEP, and how are they used? 2) How do tools and processes help identify those at substantial risk of HIV infection?