AGYW Resource Guide: A Toolkit for Implementers Working to Advance Young Women's and Girls' HIV Prevention


This toolkit field test guide is intended for national programme managers, decision makers, prevention advocates and other implementers who seek guidance and tools to improve the HIV prevention response at the community, national and regional level.

The toolkit:

  • Describes key gaps in HIV prevention programming for girls and young women, and elements of state-of-the-art programming to address these;
  • Provides tools and resources from cutting-edge prevention science that address the key gaps in prevention programming for girls and young women;
  • Consolidates new directions from novel and innovative programming for girls and young women.

The toolkit consists of nine modules that each contain a discussion of the content area, descriptions and links to tools that can be adapted for programming use, links to country programmes using tools in the module, and case studies for the following areas:

  1. Stewardship and planning
  2. Strategic information
  3. Programme scale-up for population-level impact
  4. Girl-centred design
  5. Market shaping and innovation
  6. Changing gender norms
  7. Institutionalizing multi-layered prevention for young women and girls
  8. Engaging men and boys
  9. Building supportive legal, policy and institutional environments