The number of lives saved thanks to the HIV and AIDS response in this century is remarkable. But for the sake of the children and adolescents still affected, and for all future generations, we cannot mistake advancement for attainment. We must do more, and do it faster than ever. That's the only way to achieve an AIDS-free generation.

Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director

mother and baby

1.6 million new infections among children averted since 2000

70% reduction in AIDS-related deaths among children (0-4) since 2000, globally

Only 1/2 of HIV-exposed babies are tested for HIV by the recommended age of two months

Globally, 2 in 3 new infections in 15-19 year olds are among girls

29 new infections among adolescents (15-19) every hour

1st Decade

Prevent new HIV infections among mothers and babies and ensure access to paediatric HIV care and treatment

2nd Decade

Reduce AIDS-related deaths, prevent new HIV infections, and end related discrimination among adolescents by 2020

Across Decades

Make HIV prevention, testing, and treatment widely available to children in risk-prone and emergency settings and in marginalized populations


  • Optimizing HIV Treatment Access (OHTA)


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