Integrated EID-VL Product and Site Selection Analysis Tool


This tool is an excel-based decision-making tool designed to help countries with:
  • Selecting the most appropriate EID and VL products and sites for piloting and scaling up EID and VL point of care testing. 

  • Determining the optimal deployment of POC devices and conventional equipment to maximize patient impact while maintaining cost efficiency. 

It is intended to help technical working groups (TWGS) and stakeholders better understand the current gaps in testing coverage in the country; identify the key country-specific criteria for selecting sites and POC products; and score those criteria to determine the balance between patient volume, access, and price when making decisions about site and product selection. 

Accurately completing the tool will require gathering site-level data, national programmatic indicators, and evaluating the relative importance of device performance characteristics. Assembling and cleaning the data can require significant time and sometimes, dedicated resources.

Author: CHAI
Year: 2017