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Adolescent mother with child UNICEF-ESA-Young-Mothers-HIV-Report-2020.pdf

Adolescent and young mothers are a priority population for UNICEF in Eastern and Southern Africa, including those who are affected by HIV.

programming A spoonful of Shuga: Life and love among young people in Botswana , Steering adolescents and young people on the path to good health in Lesotho

In partnership with the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, UNICEF has supported the governments of Botswana and Lesotho to implement targeted programmes for adolescent girls and young women.

Young woman receiving HIV test Operational Guidance for National Roll-Out of Family HIV Testing , Directives operationnelles pour la mise à l'échelle nationale du depistage familial du VIH

HIV testing and treatment remains low among children in West and Central Africa. Various barriers prevent the scale-up of services and improved coverage for children, including limited coverage of early infant diagnostic c

No Time to wait cover No Time To Wait - advocacy brief , No Time To Wait Strategic Framework - English , No Time To Wait Strategic Framework - French , Summary of 2020 Joint UCPOC Communications Activities , Summary of 2019 Joint UCPOC Communications Activities

This framework has been designed for CSOs to help you plan your work around infant HIV testing.

Logo AIDS 2020 conference report - summary of selected sessions FINAL.pdf Business unusual: Catalytic innovations to accelerate HIV results for pregnant women, children and adolescents. 6 July 2020 - Convened by UNICEF 2020
cover of covid compendium UNICEF’s HIV Programming in the Context of COVID-19

Recognizing the harmful impact that COVID-19 and related lockdown measures pose for the HIV response, governments across ESA region are implementing interventions to sustain hard won gains toward ending AIDS.

nurturing care framework publication Nurturing care for children affected by HIV

In the early years, we lay down critical elements for health, well-being and productivity, which last throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

adolescent girl smiling New Evidence and Programming Implications for Adolescent Pathways in HIV Care in Sub-Saharan Africa 2020.pdf

Adolescents have the lowest rates of retention in HIV care and ART adherence when compared to other age groups.

resources COVID-19 & HIV Knowledge Hub Diagnostics Page Public Resources List (1).pdf

A list of COVID-19 and HIV-related resources. Last updated January 2021.

Adolescent girl jumping AGYW catalogue of available documents (spreadsheet) , AGYW repository navigation (slides)

The AGYW Programming & Implementation Repository contains resources relevant to AGYW programming that have been collated to support enhanced implementation and programming of Global Fund Catalytic Funding for HIV preve

covid tips cover Tips for engaging communities during COVID-19 in low-resource settings, remotely and in-person_0.pdf

This brief provides key considerations for engaging communities on COVID-19 and tips for how to engage where there are movement restrictions and physical distancing measures in place, particularly in low-resource settings.

Roadmap image AIDS 2020 Roadmap , HIV 2020 full programme Jul-Oct 2020.pdf

The full programme of the alternative community-led HIV 2020 conference with events from July to October, 2020 is also available for download.

Children, adolescents and young women living with HIV in the time of COVID-19 Public Agenda for Action.pdf

Children, adolescents and young women living with HIV in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19, marginalized populations and community engagement COVID-19 - marginalized populations and community engagement.pdf By understanding risks, we can support the capacity of vulnerable populations in emergencies. 2020
What people living with HIV need to know about COVID-19 COVER What people living with HIV need to know about COVID-19 - UNAIDS.pdf Know the facts about COVID-19 and always check a reliable source, such as the World Health Organization: https://www. who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 2020
Save the date cover UNICEF Satellite - Business unusual: Catalytic innovations to accelerate HIV results 2020
Caregivers cover Caregivers FAQ - No Time to Wait!

As parents and caregivers we want to care for our children as best we can - this includes protecting them against HIV. Here’s what you need to know.

Preventing Widening Inequalities cover Preventing Widening Inequalities.pdf We must ensure that our response takes into account existing inequalities and does not worsen barriers for those that are most in need. 2020
Policy Makers Fact sheet  No time to wait Policymakers Fact Sheet - No Time to Wait!

This guidance outlines the importance of early infant diagnosis (EID) in the HIV response.

Orientations à l’intention des décideurs cover Orientations_a_l_intention_des_décideurs-NO_Pas_dea_Tempsa_A_Perdre.pdf

Ces orientations soulignent l’importance du diagnostic précoce chez les nourrissons (EID) dans la riposte au VIH.